District 1: Cleanup efforts begin; several roads closed in the district

District 1: Cleanup efforts begin; several roads closed in the district

This week we began cleanup effort from last May’s rains. Our road foreman and county emergency manager—along with FEMA assessment experts—conducted site surveys of our roads and bridges in the areas damaged by the May floods. We can assist our emergency management office with documentation and photos.


On South Rockwell approximately ¾ miles North of Waterloo Road there is a large tin-horn that has washed out and cratered the road. This road is temp closed to through traffic from Waterloo to Simmons Road. We have received the new tin-horn for this project this week and will begin repair early next week.

On north Hogan Avenue approximately ½ miles north of SH33 there is a large tin-horn that has washed out and undercut the roadway. Signs of the roadway sinking into a washout have begun and, at the request of the Cedar Valley Township, we have closed this road to through traffic until repaired. A new tin-horn should arrive this next week. We will begin repair operations as soon as the new pipe arrives.

We also have a serious issue at approximately 2800 west Waterloo Road between Western and Santa Fe where the road has been undercut by high water surround a draining culvert. The west bound land is temp closed. We have coordinated repair activities with the Oklahoma County road maintenance folks and plan to begin repair the week beginning 15 June.

We have a bridge permanently closed. The Seward Road Cottonwood Creek bridge approximately ¾ miles west of intersection of Seward Road and Broadway. The west end of the approach ramp and adjoining abutment were washed out which cause the road to collapse. Unfortunately, Seward Road from Broadway to Santa Fe is now closed to through traffic.

This was a record week for our highway repair crew who put down 30 tons of asphalt repairing our county roads. Doing so did not go unnoticed by some of our residents; one nicknamed them the “pothole patrol” in an email to us and I think that is going to stick (pun intended)—thanks for the feedback and nickname Sue! Many of our county residents recognize that repairing asphalt roads in the summertime is hot and physically demanding. We do pass along all your feedback to them.

That’s it for now, thanks to all for the feedback, stays safe out there on our roads and bridges.

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