High winds destroy a home’s roof and a business building

High winds destroy a home’s roof and a business building

The first wave of storms left an impact for a local business and a family on Tuesday afternoon. What seemed to be a harmless September thunderstorm, turned out to look like a scene from a small tornado with a residential roof and a business storage building ripped away.


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The storm that produced high winds came storming through Guthrie just after 4 p.m. and left its mark on Environmental Management, Inc. and a residence on Post Road just off of State Highway 33.

First, the home near County Road 75, nearly had the entire roof taken off.

A mother and two children were inside the home when the house began to tear apart. Luckily, they were not injured.

Debris could be found on nearby fences and electric poles were seen bent with loose wire hanging on the ground.

The homeowners began going through the ruble to see exactly what was salvageable.

Meanwhile, at EMI, employees were inside when they could hear the rain and wind pounding their building. Once they came outside, they saw one of their storage buildings left in ruins with twisted metal and debris scattered in a nearby field.

Screws that were once drilled into concrete were uplifted to show the power of the storm.

EMI officials note that none of the materials inside the building were hazardous materials.

Power was also disrupted at the business.

Again, luckily, there were no injuries.

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