Residents could be in the dark until Wednesday

Residents could be in the dark until Wednesday

Many Guthrie and Crescent residents have been in the dark for several hours after suffering a power outage from the recent ice storm. It appears it may be several more hours until power is restored.


OG&E officials tells Guthrie News Page it is estimated power will be restored by Wednesday, Dec. 2 for customers in Logan County.

Other cities with higher outages are expected to have their power restored by Tuesday.

“We currently have approximately 60,000 customers without power, and as of this evening have restored power to 90,000 customers. To date, about 150,000 experienced an outage due to this storm,” an OG&E spokesperson said.

For several hours, the power company showed Guthrie with 865 customers without power, but that number quickly elevated to 1,559 on Sunday evening, which at the time ranked as the ninth highest city with an outage. Related story: Ice storm leaves impact on Guthrie, Logan County

OG&E says priority is given to facilities that are essential to the health and welfare of the community, like hospitals, police and fire departments. Next, they do whatever it takes to bring the most people’s power back the fastest.

Mutual assistance has been called from around the state and at last count nearly 800 workers have been called in.

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