Big voter turnout says yes to liquor drinks on Sundays; Sanders, Cruz win

Big voter turnout says yes to liquor drinks on Sundays; Sanders, Cruz win

In one of the largest turnouts in some time, Logan County voters said yes to the lone county question, which allows on site consumption of alcoholic beverages on Sundays and several holidays. A big win for businesses.


Along with Sundays, liquor sales will be allowed on Fourth of July, Labor Day Memorial Day and Thanksgiving Day after earning 6,675 yes votes compared to 4,199 or 61.38 percent to 38.62 percent.

Alcohol sales will continue not to be allowed on Easter Sunday or Christmas Day.

Until the easy win at the polls, Logan County was one of 18 Oklahoma counties that restrict liquor by the drink on Sundays.

Logan County entered the presidential primary with 25,530 registered voters, which 42.64 percent exercised their right to vote. In total, 10,888 voters made it to the polls. Related story: How many voters in Logan County? Breakdown of the county parties

Republican Ted Cruz and Democrat Bernie Sanders scored wins in Logan County and the state overall.

Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont, garnered 52 percent of the vote statewide from Hillary Clinton. In Logan County, Sanders collected 52.66 percent of the vote (1,645 votes) while Clinton secured 42.06 percent of the vote (1,314 votes).

Sanders, who also won his home state for his other victory, won 75 of the 77 Oklahoma counties. Clinton collected wins in Oklahoma and Muskogee counties. On Super Tuesday, Clinton secured seven states and Sanders four.

Cruz, a U.S. senator from Texas, overcame the national favorite for the GOP race in Donald Trump for the win in Logan County by collecting 36.33 percent of the vote (2,821 votes). Trump finished second with 28.90 percent (2,244 votes) and was followed up with Marco Rubio’s 24.63 percent (1,912).

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