Half of county’s storm sirens not working; others to be checked

Half of county’s storm sirens not working; others to be checked

With severe weather season officially here, the Board of Logan County Commissioners were informed on Monday morning that three of the six county storm sirens are damaged and not operable. The three unchecked sirens are hopeful to be evaluated this week.


Logan County Emergency Manager David Ball told the commissioners the bearings inside the sirens have been damaged and the cost to repair are not under a warranty or maintenance plan. Ball says he needs approximately $7,000 to replace the sirens, but the amount could grow if the other sirens are also found to be damaged.

Article continues following the video. The topic of this article begins at 2:08 and again at 59:22 in the video.

Currently, the sirens not in working order are located at Highway 74 and Forrest Hills (to the east), Seward Road and May Ave., and at the Sooner Volunteer Fire Station.

All six of the storm sirens, which serve as an outdoor warning, were purchased with a grant and installed in 2009 and 2010.

Contractor Andy Goddard says he has not seen this type of malfunction with the motor until within the year (total of five). He says the same issue occurred to a siren in Cedar Valley and in Texas. Goddard believe moisture is the cause of the problem. He went on to say the bearings are not sealed, but that it’s not uncommon for any brand of siren to be sealed.

Goddard says a brand new siren installed is $25,000 and the life expectancy is 20 to 25 years.

Commissioners agreed to discuss their options in their March 7 meeting.

Ball says the City of Guthrie tested their sirens last Friday and reported all to be in working condition.

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