Manager: Store is shut down; employees given no notice

Manager: Store is shut down; employees given no notice

It appears a fast food chain has closed their doors after calling Guthrie home for several years. A store manager says six people were laid off without any notice.


Domino’s, located at 1314 S. Division, currently has its windows completely covered up with brown paper, which was noticed by several on Monday as they drove past the popular pizza chain.

“Just to confirm the rumors, Domino’s is shut down,” a former store manager said in a social media post.

“Our GM (general manager) decided to wait until today (Monday) to say anything about it so me and five other people got laid off with no heads up whatsoever,” the post said.

Guthrie News Page spoke with the Domino’s corporate office on Tuesday morning. According to their information, they show the store has not been closed. However, on the company’s website, the Guthrie location shows “closed” on both delivery hours and carryout orders.

The corporate office said the Guthrie location could be going under renovations, but was unaware of the recent renovation of the store’s lobby. The office stated they would attempt to make contact with the franchisee owner.

“As far as I’m aware, they won’t be opening back up at all,” the former manager said.

The store manager says he has no idea why they were shut down.

“Not a clue. We didn’t get informed of anything until today (Monday).”

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