Guthrie fast food restaurant closes down

Guthrie fast food restaurant closes down

A long-time fast food restaurant that has served Guthrie for many years has closed their doors. 


Kentucky Fried Chicken posted they have shut down operations at their store located at 112 W. Noble. 

Employees were notified of the decision on Sunday. 

A note posted on the door early Monday morning stated, “Sorry closed for meeting” and was replaced by Monday afternoon with “Closed – Sorry to inform you this location is closed – Thank you for your many years of support.”

People were seen Monday afternoon cleaning the store out, including the drive thru menu boards being taken down. 

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  1. Terry Shaw   September 23, 2016 at 5:38 pm

    If things keep closing down around here this wont be a town much longer.why doesnt something open to keep kids off street?


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