Parents accused and charged with enabling child sexual abuse

Parents accused and charged with enabling child sexual abuse

Parents of a juvenile female were handed down a felony charge on Thursday inside the Logan County Courthouse. Both are accused of ignoring sexual acts of a family member and their daughter.


The Guthrie Police Department began investigating a possible sexual assault case of a juvenile female. The believed acts were committed by a male juvenile family member.

According to court documents, the male juvenile moved to his aunt and uncle’s house in Oklahoma from Delaware due to allegations of sexual misconduct by the male with other children. He moved into his aunt and uncle’s house and after a few months placed him into a program at Positive Outcomes, which is designed to help male juvenile sexual offenders between the ages of 13-17.

While in the facility, the male admitted after a few months of being in Oklahoma he pressured the young female into performing sexual acts and showing her pornography on the internet when they were supposed to be studying school work. The male said he caught the female juvenile cussing and told her if she didn’t do what he told her to do he would tell on her.

The male said he was caught kissing and inappropriately touching his cousin by his aunt (the female’s mom). The male said his aunt told him families don’t act like that and that he needed to stop. He went on to admit he performed sexual acts on the female after they moved to Guthrie and that his aunt and uncle knew about some of the events, but never did anything about it.

The male, who was home schooled along with the female, further admitted in a family session at the clinic that the acts went on for eight months. He says they were often left unsupervised for three to four hours a day and is when the sexual acts took place.

The aunt, identified as Orrin McAllister, 52, said there was never any sexual conduct between the children. McAllister, during an interview, claims her daughter only licked the male juvenile’s penis and that wasn’t a sexual act, according to the legal document.

The facility worker told investigators the male was making progress in his treatment as long as he was not exposed to his aunt and uncle. Both were disruptive and aggressive when they appeared for family sessions. Eventually, the facility’s director banned them from visiting.

Against the recommendations of doctors, the male was released from the facility on Nov. 8 and was led to believe he was moving back to his legal guardian in Delaware. However, nine days later, the facility alerted police that the male was again living in the Guthrie home.

McAllister told investigators the male was living with her mother down the street from their house, but was unable to give an address. Her statement conflicted with both juveniles. The male said he lived with the family and the female informed Department of Human Services workers the grandmother lived with them as did the male.

On Monday, the female juvenile was taken into protective custody with DHS.

McAllister and Albert McAllister, 48, were arrested and released on a $15,000 bond. Both are expected to be back in court on Jan. 26 at 9 a.m.

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