Inmate charged with attempted escape; sentenced just two days prior

Inmate charged with attempted escape; sentenced just two days prior

A Oklahoma City man was charged with an attempt to escape from the Logan County Jail last week. Two days earlier the inmate was sentenced to two years in prison.


Investigators with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office were made aware of an inmate who was injured on Friday. The investigation led a detective to the trustee hallway where a blood like substance was found on the wall above the sink approximately seven feet up the wall.

Detective Tom Kutay states the cross members in the ceiling had been bent as pressure had been applied from above.

“There was no other debris that had fallen that would have shown that some type of heavy pressure was sitting on top of the channels to make it fall.” Kutay said in the report. “The only other reason to have the bent channels if someone was attempting to get above the ceiling and then fell trying to grab anything while falling and then bending the channels on the way down.”

Kutay noted that if anyone attempted to escape through the ceiling they would quickly realize they could not get out with steel and concrete blocking their way.

Along with the attempt to escape charge, Travion Romance Barber, 26, of Oklahoma City with also charged with malicious injury to property.

Damage to the bathroom ceiling was reported at $200.

Barber has a lengthy list of guilty verdicts ranging from burglary to assault and battery with dangerous weapon in both Logan and Oklahoma County.

In Oct. 2013, Barber was sentenced to five years with the Department of Corrections with the last two years suspended upon good behavior. However, in June 2016, a bench warrant was issued for his arrest and less than three months later Barber was back in custody.

On Wednesday, Barber was sentenced to carry out the last two years of his sentence behind bars with the Department of Corrections.

“Their would be no other reason to get above the ceiling,” Kutay said about the possible motive of escaping.

Barber was given an $8,000 bond on his new set of charges and a March 23 court date.

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