Pending weather: Priority list for sanding city roads

Pending weather: Priority list for sanding city roads

With the threat of incoming winter weather beginning on Friday, Guthrie News Page is listing a list of priorities when it comes to ice and snow removal within the Guthrie city limits.


The city will maintain U.S. Highway 77 (Division, I-35 to Cleveland; Cleveland, Division to Wentz; Wentz, Cleveland north to city limits). State Highway 33 (Noble, I-35 to west city limits).

The city has identified three list of priorities:

Priority No. 1

Emergency Services – Police, Fire/EMS, Sheriff’s Office, Mercy Hospital, Job Corps Center and Nursing Homes.
Oklahoma Ave – Pine to 5th
Academy – State Highway 33 to Old Highway 33 (19th Street)
19th – Academy State Highway 33
Harrison – Pine to Springer
2nd Street – Harrison to Lincoln
Walnut – Noble to Hillcrest
Drexel – Noble to Elmwood
Perkins – Division to Hazel
Pine – Industrial to Cooksey
Industrial – Pine to West City Limits
Sooner – Division to Seward
Seward – I-35 to Coltrane
Hillview/Lakeside/Cove Dr.
Coltrane/Lake, Seward to Sooner
Allen Road
Sigma Road/Ruhl Dr
Cimarron Blvd (Best Western)
Heather and Battles Ave (Sleep Inn)
Wal-Mart loop
Beemer Road (Sewer Plant)

Priority No. 2

Schools (Cotteral, Central, Jr. High, Fogarty, Faver and GUES)
Remaining portions of the downtown area
College – Walnut to Academy
College – Pine to I-35
Hillcrest, Pine to Walnut
N. Division – Noble to College
Mockingbird Addition
Capital – Noble to dead end south

Priority No. 3

Academy – Highway 33 to Convenience Center
Hill Drive
1st Street – Harrison to Lincoln
17th Street/Lombardy, College to Dead end
Forest Hills Rd and Addition

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