Suspects lead police in vehicle pursuit, manhunt on west side

Suspects lead police in vehicle pursuit, manhunt on west side

A Guthrie police officer pulled a vehicle over inside a business parking lot on Saturday night, but the black truck suddenly took off. The vehicle eventually crashed and led to a manhunt on Guthrie’s west side.


At around 6:10 p.m. the officer pulled over a black four-door, Dodge Ram pickup in the Cash Saver parking lot located at Wentz and Noble. As the officer approached the truck, it sped away and proceeded west on Noble Ave.

The truck sped over the viaduct and was seen darting in and out of traffic in an attempt to elude the officer.

Moments later, a homeowner alerted police that a truck had just crashed into trees at the corner of 15th St. and Harrison.

Along with Guthrie officers, deputies with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office spotted the vehicle, but the two suspects had taken off on foot.

With assault rifles drawn, officers searched a thick wooded area and the nearby surrounding blocks within the crash. Despite several different locating methods, including a K9, police were unable to locate the suspects.

Officers searched the truck and among several items found was a firearm near the front seat.

The Dodge truck, with a paper tag, was reported stolen out of Oklahoma City.

The truck was impounded as police continue to investigate the case.

There were no reports of any injuries at the scene.

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