Two men arrested after home invasion; victims bound and beaten

Sheldon Maurice Smith (pictured), along with a 16-year-old male were arrested for a home invasion.

Two men arrested after home invasion; victims bound and beaten

This story was updated on Monday Jan. 23, 2017 at 12 p.m.


Two males are in custody following two foot pursuits. The suspects are said to have allegedly broke into a home, bound two victims and beat them. Police report one subject had a handgun and stated he was going to kill one of the victims. 

Just after 1 p.m. on Friday, police officers with the Guthrie Police Department and Logan County Sheriff’s Office responded to 621 E. Springer for assault victims. The two victims gave the description of the males, who kicked in the front door of their home.

Officers were able to locate the suspects, who took off on foot.

One juvenile male (16 years of age) was taken into custody in an alley near the intersection of Grant St. and Ash St., which is several blocks west of the crime scene.

A second male, identified as Sheldon Maurice Smith, 26, was tackled by Sheriff Damon Devereaux and taken into custody at the intersection of Broad and Perkins. As officers were searching the suspect, they located a firearm and drugs.

Sgt. Anthony Gibbs said in a statement that a 9mm handgun, the victims’ cell phones, and over 130 grams of marijuana were located on or near the suspects.

A third person was placed in investigative detention several minutes later just outside the residence. He was later released at the police station.

Gibbs says the victims were bound by extension cords and assaulted.

Smith was arrested for kidnapping, possession of marijuana and a convicted felon carrying a firearm.

Guthrie EMS responded and treated one of the victims, who could be seen with several face wounds.

Police remained on the scene until a search warrant was issued to allow them to go through the home.

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