Woman stabs husband; assaults two police officers

Woman stabs husband; assaults two police officers

A 33-year-old woman is out on bond and is facing four charges after allegedly stabbing her husband, attempting to break windows in a police cruiser and assaulting two Guthrie police officers.


Officers from the Guthrie Police Department responded to 207 E. Pleasant Hills Dr. on Dec. 23 for a welfare check on an intoxicated person. When officers arrived, they found a male bleeding through his shirt.

The victim said his wife, Keitha Buford, 33, began attacking him with her fists after she was unable to locate her phone. The husband was able to barricade Buford in a bedroom by using a couch, but Buford was able to stab him in the chest as he stood between the wall and couch, according to a police report.

The knife was taken into evidence.

Officers made contact with Buford, who say was unsteady on her feet and speech was slurred. After attempting to push past an officer she was taken into investigative detention.

Once in the police cruiser, Buford attempted to kick out the side window. An officer tried to stop the action, but in the process was kicked in the face. She was taken into custody for assault on an officer.

Afterwards, Buford, again, started kicking the cruiser’s window. This time, officers placed her in ankle cuffs.

Once at the city jail, Buford attempted to bite an officer as he was removing her seatbelt. After being physically escorted in the jail’s booking area, Buford lunged at a second officer in attempt to bite him and later spit on an officer, according to the report.

Buford was given a $25,000 bond and charged with domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, two charges of assault and battery upon a police officer and public intoxication.

She’s expected back in court on Feb. 23.

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