OCOLLY: Chappell recognized for honors behind the scenes

OCOLLY: Chappell recognized for honors behind the scenes

The Oklahoma State wrestling senior class has three All-Americans and four wrestlers ranked in the top 10 of their respective weight class, but that is not what coach John Smith wanted to talk about Tuesday before the Cowboys’ Senior Day on Sunday.


“Several of them didn’t really have an opportunity to wrestle for us, but that just tells you about those guys,” Smith said. “I got a bunch of seniors that are graduating that maybe wrestled a few matches as starters but was loyal to the program. You just gotta recognize that they were in here, some of them four years, a few of them are for five years, making a difference for someone else that stepped out there and was a starter and played a role.”

Landry Chappell is one of those guys in a senior class of eight. In five years at OSU, Chappell has tallied a 13-12 record and has never cracked the starting lineup at 184 pounds. However, his alarm still goes off at 6:10 every morning to lift weights at 7 a.m., then go to practice at 3 p.m. after class.

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