Bluejay Pride Wrestlers attend national tournament

Bluejay Pride Wrestlers attend national tournament

Four Bluejay Pride Wrestlers attended MyHouse Nationals in Allen, TX on March 11 and 12. Those attending were Jake Carey, Allyn Orndorff, Clayton Carey and Cade Carey. Three of the four wrestlers managed to place in the tournament.


Jake Carey, despite having less than a year of experience, placed fourth in the tournament. Jake wrestled for the Guthrie Junior High this past season, and has just begun his training and journey with Bluejay Pride.

Allyn Orndorff, who was mistakenly placed in the next highest weight bracket, opted not to have the brackets adjusted, and placed third in the tournament. Although Allyn successfully wrestled several exhibition matches for the Junior High this past season, he will begin his official Junior High career this coming school year.

Clayton Carey, despite having never competed prior to this tournament, wrestled well and fell just short of placing.

Cade Carey, the team’s youngest and smallest member, also attended as his first ever competition. Cade managed to place fourth at the tournament.

Coach Brian Orndorff stated, “Allyn has (finally) begun to truly develop on the mat and perform as a more complete wrestler. Jake Carey shows much promise as he learns the sport, and becomes a little more comfortable on the mat. Clayton and Cade Carey…well, these two little guys are going to be a force to be reckoned with. They have amazing natural abilities.”

As the Bluejay Pride Wrestling team moves into the Greco-Roman and Freestyle season, Orndorff hopes that they will just learn to enjoy and love the sport, and that the success will follow.

On April 8 and 9, four Bluejay Pride wrestlers will attend one last Folkstyle only National tournament, Adidas Nationals, in Independence, MO. Those wrestlers are Allyn Orndorff, Tyrin Eaton, Klaribel Kirk, and Dredyn Eaton.

The team is currently looking for sponsors to assist some of the wrestlers with costs to national tournaments. The team will also be selling their Sonic “Community First” cards around town. Orndorff may be reached at 405-503-1626, or

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