GUES inventors show off their gadget ideas

GUES inventors show off their gadget ideas

Sixth grade students in Cheryl Pratt’s classroom displayed their inventions inside the Guthrie Upper Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon.


Some of the inventions that were displayed, included a car mirror featuring two buttons for his and hers viewing angles, a magnet on a pencil to help keep track of your writing utensil, a fire extinguisher with options for different types of fires, a vehicle lawn mower to help those with handicaps the ability to mow, toothbrushes with toothpaste built in and a snack box with a built in timer and lock for those who like to cheat on those extra snacks.

Each student had to talk about their invention and how they came up with their idea to a slew of judges, who walked around with clipboards scoring the inventions and the overall presentation from the student.

The Guthrie Educational Foundation sponsored the event by presenting the overall winner with $50, $40 for second place, $30 for third, $20 for fourth and $10 for fifth.

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