Local airport home base for firefighting aircraft

Local airport home base for firefighting aircraft

The Guthrie Edmond Regional Airport has sheltered several special aircrafts over the years, including here recently with the Oklahoma wildfires.


The Oklahoma Forestry Service has brought numerous fire suppression aircraft to Oklahoma to assist with wildfires across the state.

Perhaps, the most noticeable aircraft flying in and out lately is the Sikorsky S64 Sky Crane.

The Sky Crane, measuring in at 26 feet tall, 72 feet wide and 89 feet in length) can carry 2,500 gallons of water and has been used for wildfires in not only northwest Oklahoma, but here locally.

Along with the Sky Crane, the Aero Commander has been based at the airport. The Commander is an air attack platform, which serves as an airborne air traffic controller allowing them to keep all aircraft organized as they fight the fires.

In addition to the aircraft, personnel from Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Nevada have come to help with the wildfires.

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