Per lawsuit: Guthrie water customers forced to change providers

Per lawsuit: Guthrie water customers forced to change providers

Following an 11 year lawsuit between the City of Guthrie and Logan County Rural Water District No. 1 (LCRWD1), water customers will soon have to change providers as part of the lawsuit agreement.


On April 15, LCRWD1 will be responsible for providing and billing for water service and maintaining the waterlines for approximately 400 addresses, which is approximately all homes and businesses south of the Water Treatment Plant on S. Division and the new housing addition (Silent Way) on W. Oklahoma.

In 2005, Rural Water filed a lawsuit against the City due to City’s expansion into the water district’s territory, which was established in 1972. Now as part of the agreement, current City water customers that were added after 1972 will be transferred over to LCRWD1.

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In addition, the City will sale water to LCRWD1 at a wholesale rate of $5.22 per thousand with a CPI (consumer price index) annual adjustment to that number.

According to a letter sent last week by the City, affected customers will continue to have sewer and trash services with the City (Guthrie Public Works Authority). Beginning May 1, affected customers will receive two bills: water bill from LCRWD1 and utility bill from GPWA.

City officials says LCRWD1 requires all of its customers to open a new account for water service with an Owner Deposit of $50 or Rental Deposit of $75. To help offset the cost to the customer, GPWA will refund (by applying to the utility account) any amount above $50.00 held in deposits.

For more information call the City of Guthrie Water Department at 405-282-0492 or Logan Country Rural Water District No. 1 at 405-282-0746 with any questions or concerns.

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