Amtrak Train making a stop in Guthrie; possible expansion coming

Amtrak Train making a stop in Guthrie; possible expansion coming

Update – Video: Amtrak makes it way through Guthrie; hopes to restore service to KC


Guthrie officials have been invited to hop along the Amtrak Train, which will be making a stop in Guthrie this week.

Amtrak is exploring expanding their passenger train service from Oklahoma City to Newton, Kansas, where other rail connections are possible.

Mayor Steve Gentling, Vice Mayor Ed Wood and City Manager Leroy Alsup have been invited to ride the Amtrak Inspection Train from Oklahoma City to Kansas City.

The train is expected to arrive in Guthrie on Friday, June 9 at 8:30 a.m.

The purpose of the trip is to see the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and explore the opportunity to extend Amtrak’s Heartland Flyer.

The train will operate on the schedule shown below.

Each of the stops between Guthrie and Wichita will take place at the former Santa Fe stations in each of those respective cities. All remaining stops will be at the local Amtrak stations.

7:45am CDT DP Oklahoma City Santa Fe Station (downtown)
8:30am DP Guthrie
9:15am DP Perry
10:00am DP Ponca City
10:45am DP Ark City
12:05pm DP Wichita
1:00pm DP Newton
2:20pm DP Emporia
3:45pm DP Topeka
5:30pm AR Kansas City Union Station

3 Responses to "Amtrak Train making a stop in Guthrie; possible expansion coming"

  1. Allen   June 5, 2017 at 7:41 pm

    Will they be selling tickets and returning to okc?
    I would like to take my son on a train ride.

  2. Evan Stair   June 8, 2017 at 8:42 am

    The public is not allowed to ride this train but please show up trackside to show your support 409 W Oklahoma (Santa Fe Depot) where the train will stop for a brief few minutes. This is a demonstration train Amtrak is using to investigate the possibility of expanding daily passenger rail service through Guthrie into Kansas. For more information on this trip please join us at the Friends of the Heartland Flyer page on Facebook. Here is the link:

    Also, join our Friends of Amtrak Guthrie page on Facebook

    Evan Stair
    Passenger Rail Oklahoma

  3. Eric Patterson   June 12, 2017 at 10:09 pm

    I like traveling on Amtrak. I use it from Wichita to fly out of MCI on airlines we don’t have here in Wichita. And could be done by any other city along the route. Park your car at Newton Station for free. For $36 take the train to Union Station, arrive about 7:30 am. Walk out of Union Station to the new Kansas City StreetCar train (FREE) and ride up to 10th and Main at the Metro Center and for $1.50 take the 129 bus to MCI airport. Generally can catch any flight out of MCI that departs around 11:00 am. I know! My son did it last week to catch a Spirit flight to Detroit. He didn’t want to drive to MCI and pay airport parking fee. I also rode up with him but brought my fold-up mountain bike and tour around KC on my bicycle all day. End of the day put the bike on train at Union Station and went home back to Newton. You can also get to DFW airport all by train from Newton, Ks. What Amtrak need to see also if they do this they should have bus service from Hastings Amtrak to Newton. Then Newton Amtrak can be a hub to connect SouthWest Chief Route, Amtrak California Zephyr Route, and the Heartland Flyer Route. I like driving to Hastings and park to go to Winter Park Ski Resort and to Glenwood Springs, Co.


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