Jail trustees set to begin more work around courthouse, county

An inmate (pictured below) trims the grass along the curb before the Mumford & Sons concert in 2013.

Jail trustees set to begin more work around courthouse, county

The Logan County Board of County Commissioner’s agreed Monday morning to begin using inmate trustees for lawn care and other projects throughout the county. Officials say the agreement will benefit both the county and inmates.


A deputy, who works with the trustees, suggested the county consider using the inmates in place of a contracted company for lawn care.

Logan County Clerk Troy Cole says the county curretnly spends approximately $650 a month for lawn service and spray for the grounds at the Logan County Courthouse and the Courthouse Annex Building.

A jail trustee is an inmate who has been a good inmate and given the privilege of working in a job on the grounds of the jail or even outside the jail.

Commissioner Monty Piearcy asked Sheriff Damon Devereaux if the inmates would be able to work at other sites like the Logan County Fairgrounds with painting and other tasks. Devereaux responded by saying yes.

A certified jailer would be responsible for the supervision of the inmates.

Devereaux says the program will help both the county and inmates

“We’re looking to try and use that work force as much as we can because it benefit us (county) and it benefits them (inmates),” Devereaux said.

Inmates are given an additional day of time served for working at the jail.

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