Guthrie dispatchers instrumental for fire, police

Guthrie dispatchers instrumental for fire, police

They’re behind the scenes for police and fire, but dispatchers are instrumental for law enforcement and firefighters which allows them to do their job.


“Communications are the most important part of an emergency,” Guthrie Fire Chief Eric Harlow said. “Without our dispatchers, we can’t receive the emergency call, can’t be dispatched on the emergenc y call or be relayed vital information about the call.”

Some departments have the luxury of having multiple dispatchers on duty for separate area’s, but at any given time one dispatcher is in charge of commanding the phone lines, handling traffic from officers, fire fighters, EMS personnel, animal control, along with jail checks and welfare of prisoners. The dispatchers are also responsible for activating storm sirens.

Can you say multi-task?

“They do so much more than people realize or give them credit for. They are the critical life line between our responders and the person having an emergency,” Harlow said.

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