Woman locks children in hot vehicle; assaults deputy

Woman locks children in hot vehicle; assaults deputy

A Kansas woman refused to obey Logan County Sheriff deputies’ commands as she sat in her vehicle, along with her three children, sweating profusely along Interstate 35.


On July 6 at around 3 p.m., a deputy stopped to assist a stranded motorist at the southbound onramp from Highway 33 to I-35. The vehicle was occupied by the driver, Mia KeShawn Thomas, 39, of Wichita, Kansas and three children ranging in the ages of eight and 12.

As the deputy approached the vehicle, Thomas rolled up the windows of the vehicle and locked its doors then refused to speak to the deputy.

According to Det. Greg Valencia, the children had been in the locked vehicle long enough that their clothing was wet and one of the children appeared to be lethargic from the heat of the vehicle. He says several attempts were made to get Thomas to open the vehicle but she remained speechless and would not open the vehicle.

As deputies were about to force entry into the vehicle, one of the children, against Thomas’ orders, opened a window and entry to the vehicle was made. Deputies quickly took the children out of the vehicle and checked for medical needs.

The children were then taken into custody by the Department of Human Services and later released to their father.

Meanwhile, Thomas was not done disobeying deputies’ commands. As she was being taken into custody, she fought deputies and hit at least one deputy.

On July 7, Thomas was charged with three counts of child neglect and assault and battery on a peace officer.

Bond was set at $100,000 and a court date of July 27.

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