Man behind bars facing first degree rape, kidnapping charge

Man behind bars facing first degree rape, kidnapping charge

A Logan County man sits in the Logan County Jail accused of holding a victim against her will and sexually assaulting her. He claims the acts were consensual.


Logan County deputies responded to a home in southern Logan County after a woman called 911 and reported she was held captive against her will and raped on Aug. 18.

In a probable cause affidavit, the woman says she had been tied up with a yellow plastic cord to a chair inside a shed by Joe Lee Griffin.

The victim said Griffin would untie her and force sexual encounters while holding a black firearm.

While detectives were on the scene, Griffin was spotted nearby and was detained without incident. He was taken to the jail for questioning.

Investigators found a yellow cord similarly described by the victim in the shed and later found a black airsoft pistol within 12 feet of where Griffin was detained.

Detectives reported the victim had multiple bruising throughout her body, including swollen wrists.

Griffin, 58, denied having a firearm, tying the victim up and beating her. He reportedly admitted the two had consensual sex.

On Tuesday, Griffin was charged with first degree rape, kidnapping and forcible sodomy.

He was given a $175,000 bond and ordered not to have contact with the reported victim.

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