County officials trim off $351,000 for next year’s budget

County officials trim off $351,000 for next year’s budget

Logan County elected officials came to an agreement Wednesday morning on the 2017-18 budget. The department heads needed to find and cut $351,616.70 to meet the estimated available funds.


The County is anticipating an estimated increase in ad valorem taxes, a decrease in miscellaneous revenue to go along with a general fund carry-over from a year ago.

In total, the County reported $5,679,472.70 of available funds.

Ad valorem (property taxes) is estimated to increase by $171,598 from a year ago at $3.37M. The miscellaneous revenue (royalties, road cross permits, motor vehicle taxes, etc.) is expected to come in just under $40,000 from last year’s total at $975,220.79.

The general fund carry-over is reported at $1,333,284.36.

District 1 County Commissioner applauded all department heads for not over spending in the last fiscal year.

“I really appreciate the frugality of all the elected officials this last year on not spending everything you had and was available to spend,” Goodman said of the $1.33M carry-over.

The commissioner reminded them they must stay on the same path.

“If we spend the entire $5M and change than we are going to go into the hole next year. We all next to work together to figure out where that fluff is and where it needs to stay,” Goodman said.

With a 3-0 vote, it was agreed upon to move $300,000 from the Highway Budget, $19,394 from the Court Clerk’s Office, $16,000 from the Jail Account and $16,000 from the Fair Board to balance the budget.

The Equalization Board will meet to review the budget and take possible action with a vote.

Department by Department

District Attorney — $48,513.53
County Sheriff — $1,136,505
County Treasurer — $112,805
County Commissioners — $207,505.68
OSU Extension — $68,381
County Clerk — $303,910
Court Clerk — $284,516
County Assessor – $223,703.56
Revaluation of Real Property — $356,120
General Government — $873,705
Excise Equalization Board — $1,900
County Election Board — $132,940
Charity — $1,750
Insurance Benefits — $1,806,863
Emergency Management — $56,505.16
County Audit — $81,157.87
Free Fair — $124,825
Highway Budget — $7,200

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