Healthy Living Program works to improve quality of life and reduce chronic disease in Logan County

Healthy Living Program works to improve quality of life and reduce chronic disease in Logan County

For the last six years, the Healthy Living Program at the Logan County Health Department has been partnering with organizations throughout the county to help reduce chronic disease. By assisting at the policy level, the Healthy Living Program (HLP) has seen the county make significant changes in health outcomes.


Even though Logan County ranks as one of the healthiest counties in Oklahoma, HLP program coordinator Courtney McLemore says there’s more to accomplish. “Logan County has had some great accomplishments. We’re seeing policy improvements with how our streets are designed for all users, including pedestrians and bicycle riders. The City of Guthrie has made their city-owned properties tobacco free, and they donated land and water for a community garden,” said McLemore.

Another recent improvement has been the establishment of an Action Based Learning Lab at Coyle Public Schools. “This will allow teachers to incorporate physical activity into their everyday lesson plans, so a student can learn key concepts in a particular subject, like math, all while being physically active,” according to McLemore.

The Guthrie Chamber of Commerce also recently adopted a wellness policy that will help them better serve their over 700 investors in the area of health and wellness.

Even though Logan County is one of the healthier counties in Oklahoma, the state still ranks low nationally. The Healthy Living Program has a vision for the county being at the forefront of changing the levels of physical activity, nutrition, and tobacco prevention for Oklahomans.

Whether an organization is a city, school, business, or community group, they can make a difference in the health of the Logan County residents they serve, and the HLP staff wants to help those organizations along the way. “Whatever kind of organization you are, if you’re planning for your future, we’d love to offer you technical assistance on how you can influence better health outcomes for our community,” said McLemore.

By increasing physical activity, nutrition, and tobacco prevention through organizational policies, the effects that chronic disease has on our local economy can also be reduced. Chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer hit everyone’s pocket books, so if Logan County residents can move more, eat better, and be tobacco free, they’ll not only improve their quality of life, but individuals and organizations can see significant economic benefits as well.

For more information about the Logan County Health Department’s Healthy Living Program, call 405-282-3485.

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