Highland Red Hatters News

Highland Red Hatters News

By Jo Swinney
Special to Guthrie News Page


Here we are again in a blaze of color! What is it about Red and Purple?

We met at Stables for our monthly “funny business” meeting on October 2nd and got right down to planning for our Christmas party. We voted once again to go to Ben Coffin’s establishment because he always has a beautifully decorated tree which makes a perfect backdrop for our yearly group picture; and, of course, the food is always delicious.

Our October birthday girl, Ruth Thompson of Crescent, looked so elegant in her beautiful purple hat while we sang “happy birthday” and took pictures. We were purple hats instead of red in our birthday month..

Our member, Sherrie Spear, entered Logan County Fair with her African violet and won first place, best of show, and $20. She shared with us about the care of the African violet. You  never let an African violet get dry. She sprays hers with warm water, never with cold water. Also it is fed once a month with plant food. The plant is in an east window as it likes the morning sun.

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