Murder suspect pleads guilty in 2016 killing

Murder suspect pleads guilty in 2016 killing

One of the two men charged with murder has pleaded guilty and will serve the next 25 years in prison.


Jesus Eduardo Sanchez and Michael Ray Chisholm were accused of stabbing and killing Adam Shane Harrison in the early morning hours of May 2, 2016.

Last week, Chisholm pleaded guilty to second degree murder after originally being charged with first degree murder.

Along with a sentence of 25 years with the Department of Corrections (DOC), Chisholm was handed down a series of fines.

“We are thankful we achieved justice for both our community and the family of the victim,” District Attorney Laura Austin Thomas said in a social media post.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office responded to 8980 Ridgecrest Drive in reference to a stabbing call just before 4 a.m. Upon arrival they found Harrison, 28, deceased in the yard of the residence from apparent stab wounds.

“The victim in this case was stabbed at least eight times in the abdomen, chest, thigh and buttock after having a gun fired in the direction of his head,” Thomas said. “This occurred after the victim fought off attempts of Sanchez and Chisholm to duct tape his legs together.“

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Thomas said she was grateful the victim’s wife and mother for sharing their victim impact statements with the court at sentencing.

“My heart hurt so badly I felt like I wouldn’t be able to catch my next breath,” the victim’s mother said. “It was so hard for me to say goodbye and walk away from my son for the final time at the end of the service.”

Sanchez, who is being charged with first degree murder, is due back on court on Nov. 3.

Tabatha Vi Nicole Lehr pleaded guilty in March with accessory to commit murder.

“Lehr drove the killers from the scene of the murder to a hotel where they cleaned their clothes and bodies, partied and then took one of the killers, Chisholm, to another location while staying with Sanchez. Evidence of the crime was maintained in her vehicle,” Thomas said.

Lehr was given a 10 year sentence with DOC with all time suspended upon good behavior.

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