Woodcrest expanding with new fire station; groundbreaking ceremony held

Woodcrest expanding with new fire station; groundbreaking ceremony held


Woodcrest Fire Chief Luke Young has watched southeastern Logan County grow rapidly around his fire district in the last several years. Now to help with the growing population, the Woodcrest Fire Department (WCFD) is also expanding with a new fire house.

With WCFD board members, firefighters and retired firefighters, Young thanked each one of them for the project in a groundbreaking ceremony held on Monday evening.

“This started with a dream and a concept. These guys were the ones who pioneered this and got it all started.”

Young says a building fund was established several years ago with ad valorem (property tax) money and is on a lease to purchase with Welch Bank.

The current station, located at 11975 S Douglas Blvd., or the intersection of Douglas Blvd. and Charter Oak, has served firefighters for nearly 30 years. The building, however, was originally built as an insulation shop until it was converted to a fire station.

With tankers, engines, rescue trucks and bunker gear smashed into one bay, the new station, which will be built directly to the south of the current location, will help give firefighters more space to operate.

In addition, the station will be energy efficient and is expected to save the department financially in the long run, which can be used for other department needs.

Young says the appearance of the new station will compliment the rapidly growing area and will be more recognizable as an actual fire station instead of just another metal shop building.

“This area, shockingly, has grown up tremendously especially in the last five years in population,” Young said with the construction of the new Guthrie elementary school just yards to the east. “It’s essential we grow as a fire department.”

Young says he wants the school (Charter Oak Elementary) and the fire station to be the focal point of southeast Logan County.

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