LCSO removes household furniture from water underneath popular bridge

LCSO removes household furniture from water underneath popular bridge

Logan County Sheriff’s Office Environmental Deputy Don Hudgins teamed up with local fishermen this past week to clean up large items dumped off a popular bridge at a local lake.


“Baker’s Bridge” is a popular hangout and younger kids like to jump off the bridge when swimming at Baker’s Lake. However, several items were posing threats.

Items such as a kitchen stove, dish washer and two couches were submerged below the surface. The items were barely visible until recently when the water cleared up significantly.

“It’s not safe to dive off the bridge due to items like this as well as unknown water depth,” Hudgins said.

Along with Hudgins, jail trustees and local fisherman helped bring the items out of the water.

The local landowner doesn’t allow swimming or fishing on the property, largely due to trash dumping.

Hudgins wants citizens to know If they see illegal dumping please notify the Sheriff’s Office.

A reward fund is being set up for citizens who help the department catch illegal dumpers.

Residents of Logan County are allowed to dump large items such as furniture and appliances at the county Commissioners barns at no cost.

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