Consolidation enables open source software strategy‏

When the Legislature and the Governor approved the consolidation of Oklahoma’s state information technology infrastructure, they created a series of opportunities for cost savings and efficiency. Many of those involved in the approval of the policy probably did not even begin to realize the many different ways these opportunities would present themselves. Here is just […]

Geno’s Chophouse closes its doors

It was a destination Guthrian’s made their way for lunch, but a downtown restaurant has closed its doors. Geno’s Chophouse, located 113 W. Harrison, recently closed their doors. The reasons for the closure are unknown. The restaurant was known for it lunch and coffee.

2012 Rural Economic Action Plan Grants

Each year the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) sends applications to government entities who may wish to apply for Rural Economic Action Plan (REAP) grant funding. REAP is funded by the Oklahoma State Legislature and administered by ACOG. The applications contain a lengthy list of qualifying elements which are rated on a point system, […]