Where does all of the lottery money go

On multiple occasions, a member of the House District 31 constituency inquires about the impact upon common education of Oklahoma lottery proceeds. Many believed that once voters approved the lottery it would quench common education’s insatiable appetite for money. No doubt, based on viewing lottery advocacy commercials, they thought the lottery would have more of […]

Is anyone listening?

This year I have enjoyed membership in the rotation of presiding officers for the House of Representatives. The presiding officer of the House presides over business in the absence of the Speaker of the House. On behalf of the Speaker, this person conducts the session according to the rules of the House, affixes his signature […]

The State did not steal the pot of gold

Last week I wrote about my desire to help local school boards save money for infrastructure needs while avoiding debt and property tax increases. House District 31’s rapid growth and corresponding increase in property tax collections continue to provide area school districts with new resources. Districts should be allowed to set aside some of these […]

There is no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow

Guthrie and all of Logan County are in the midst of growth from a population and residential building boom.  Representative Jason Murphey recently opined an article where he discussed the growth of revenue that school districts will see from collection of ad valorem taxes.  This revenue growth is spurred by residential growth through new construction […]

Safeguarding your data

If you’ve read my previous articles, you probably already know about Oklahoma’s wasteful and segmented system of governance. A 2007 study showed that Oklahoma has twice the number of agencies, boards and commissions when compared to states of similar size and budget. These government entities throw away taxpayer dollars in unnecessary overhead costs that could […]

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