Spiking the Electoral College with a free trip to St. Croix

Last week the Oklahoma Senate stunned many Oklahomans by approving a proposal to counteract part of the constitutional principle of states’ rights. When the founding fathers designed our Constitution, they included an important mechanism to ensure that smaller states such as Oklahoma were represented in the Electoral College by giving each state two Electoral College […]

The dark strategies of the most powerful lobbyists

This year Governor Fallin signed SB 630 to close down the wasteful practice of sole specing. Those who make money from sole specing didn’t appear to be paying attention to the bill as it passed without opposition. After Governor Fallin signed the bill, they realized what had happened and charged their lobbyists with the unenviable […]

Where does all of the lottery money go

On multiple occasions, a member of the House District 31 constituency inquires about the impact upon common education of Oklahoma lottery proceeds. Many believed that once voters approved the lottery it would quench common education’s insatiable appetite for money. No doubt, based on viewing lottery advocacy commercials, they thought the lottery would have more of […]

Is anyone listening?

This year I have enjoyed membership in the rotation of presiding officers for the House of Representatives. The presiding officer of the House presides over business in the absence of the Speaker of the House. On behalf of the Speaker, this person conducts the session according to the rules of the House, affixes his signature […]

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