District 1: “An average of around 200K per year, repeated over the past 7 years of non-compliance

District 1: “An average of around 200K per year, repeated over the past 7 years of non-compliance

It’s now official, with the latest release of the new county financial audit findings by the Oklahoma State Auditor, the last time Logan County produced a budget that met statutory or constitutional requirements was 2006. Ever since that time the county has received a reoccurring audit finding that documents the counties’ failure to follow statutory […]

District 1: Same political party and differ on fundamental principles of open government

District 1: Same political party and differ on fundamental principles of open government

This year’s state legislature robbed our local road and bridge funds to continue their out of control appetite for growing government.  I got to listen to one of the large government cheerleaders of the Oklahoma House of Representatives while I was attending the OSU county officer training “Statute Reference/ Legislative Process” at the Sapulpa Central […]

District 1: Relocating utility lines in support of expanded right-of-ways

Our road district has received excellent feedback from our residents on our upcoming road and bridge projects this week.  The right of way utility relocation continues on Coltrane between Waterloo and Seward and is contracted to be finished no later than August 6, 2015. Rural Water District 1 is currently relocating utilities in support of […]

District 1: $30k set aside for the Save & Pave program

The response to our new citizen groups has been very encouraging. Our road planning committee has five new members and our traffic safety committee has three new members. We are also starting to receive recommended projects for the Save & Pave program and we set aside just over $30K this month to start the program. Our district transportation safety program […]

District One: Missing inventory items reported to Board of Commissioners

New citizen participation in local government. After our town hall meeting last week we had several folks sign up to be on our new finance, road and safety committees. Our first meeting of the road and safety committees will be scheduled later this month and the finance committee will meet next month to start the new (FY 2016) […]

District 1 update: Right of way utility relocation continues

This week began and ended with another blast from the north that dropped our temperatures, and threatened road conditions and the safety of our residents. Our decisions and priority of action on which roads to sand/salt/plow is a coordinated effort with our county Sheriff’s central dispatch team. They notify us, day or night, of any unsafe changes […]

Letter to the Editor: When one immoral tax spawns another

The Logan county district 2 commissioner is proposing some sort of EMS ambulance actions to take place Monday, March 2 2015 at the Logan county courthouse annex. Given the limited information available, it seems the action is intended to bringing all county school district areas not covered by an existing EMS district into the Logan […]

District 1 Update: Road updates, promotions and addition of solid waste collection site

This week we continued to evaluate our district road maintenance requirements.  We decided to make some changes and have organized two new road maintenance crews to better support our mission of road and right of way maintenance.  The Road Maintenance crew will be responsible for asphalt road maintenance and patching, while the Right of Way […]

New leadership team introduced for County Commissioner District 1

This first week went by very quickly as every day was filled with sorting, inventory and organization. District 1, Logan County Commission, has completed putting together their new leadership team and would like to introduce the following: Wayne Murphey, Deputy Commissioner; Heather Dudek, Executive Assistant and Scott True, Road Superintendent.