Water line breaks; residents without water

Guthrie city crews responded to a water line break that cause some citizens to do without water for a short period of time on Thursday afternoon. The water line crew repaired a water main break at Wentz and Bird Creek just south of Guthrie High School. City Manager Matt Mueller said the cause was from excess heat […]

Child struck by vehicle

A small male child appeared to step out in front of a vehicle Thursday morning on Division and Harrison. The child was treated at the scene by Guthrie paramedics and suffered a bump on the head.

Sgt. Rusty Dunagan: A Hometown Hero

In the wee morning hours of September 22, 2010, as the sun was making its ascent, a group of soldiers set out to do a routine patrol in Afghanistan.  One soldier led the group, for he had been trained to secure areas of safety for his men, in this land unfamiliar to him.  A soldier […]