Ask Dr. Anna: Don’t gamble with your dog’s health

For all columns with Dr. Anna visit her blog here. Every wonder what all those initials (DHLPP, FVRCP) meant at the veterinary clinic when you go to get your pet vaccinated? Well, it’s quite simple; each letter stands for a disease that is contained within the vaccine. This week I will talk about dog vaccines and next week I will […]

Ask Dr. Anna: Guthrie vets reveals … Vaccines!

For all columns with Dr. Anna visit her blog here. This is the fifth part of a Guthrie vet wants to take you on a journey.  You have finally arrived for what you actually came for.. the vaccines.  Hopefully, by now you have realized that every step in this process is just as important, if not […]

Ask Dr. Anna: Importance of communication

  This past year I have been plagued with chronic migraines that have led me to many different doctors’ offices for diagnosis and treatment. Not only has this journey taught me to be a more compassionate and caring person but it has also taught me the importance of communication between doctor and patient.  

Ask Dr. Anna: Is your cat weird?

Every wonder if your cat is weird?  I think I have most of you beat on this question as our clinic cat, Sylvie, sucks on the end of her tail.  In all likelihood, what you think is a strange behavior is probably normal in most cats.  Today, I will discuss some common normal behaviors in […]

Ask Dr. Anna: Scientific breakthrough in pet weight management

Read this article to discover a new scientific breakthrough in pet weight management. The first step in a successful weight loss plan is knowing your pet’s ideal body weight and feeding thirty percent less calories than the amount required to maintain that ideal body weight. The second step is a new revolutionary diet break-through from Hill’s Prescription […]

Ask Dr. Anna: Pet flipping?

Have you heard of pet flipping? Pet flipping is a new trend where people are stealing dogs and selling them on the internet or using them for breeding purposes. Unfortunately, this has been reported around the country from pet owners and law enforcement officials.

Ask Dr. Anna: “Petiquette” rules for your pet

Pet ownership has changed over the last 20 years.  Not only has the number of dogs and cats in the United States increased, but pets have moved their way into our homes and into our hearts.  Many people, including myself, consider their pets their children and treat them as such.  It is important to be […]

Ask Dr. Anna: Why pets are always happy

  I have discovered the secret to why pets are always happy.  I watch an inspiring video by Shawn Achor and he said that success does not equal happiness because as humans we are always striving to succeed.  He believes that happiness is all about how we process the world around us in our mind […]

Ask Dr. Anna: complete and balance pet diet

Several people have asked me to comment on a recent article circulating on the internet titled Top 7 worst bad food brands.  All pet food diets have to meet specific standards set up by the Association of American Feed Controls Officials (AAFCO) to be able to manufacture and sell within the United States.

Ask Dr. Anna: Protect your pet from the heat

The sizzling days of summer have arrived and it’s important to protect your pet from the heat.  Heat stroke is a life threatening condition that requires immediate veterinary care.  Normal body temperature for dogs and cats is between 100 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit and anything over 105 degrees is considered a medical emergency.

Ask Dr. Anna: The key to prevent barking

Barking is a natural instinct that dogs exhibit for many reasons.  Unfortunately, it also one of the most common complaints of dog owners and their neighbors.  Territorial protection, separation anxiety, anxiety, frustration and exposure to new or unusual sounds, sights or odors are the main reasons why dogs bark.  The question is how do you […]

Ask Dr. Anna: Pregnant women may be infected by cats

  Are you pregnant or know someone that is pregnant and has a cat in the household?  Then you need to read this article about Toxoplasmosis.  Pregnant women infected with the Toxoplasma organism are prone to having miscarriages or babies born with birth defects.  Toxoplasma is a parasite that can infect all species of warm blooded […]

Ask Dr. Anna: Flea control for your pet

Did you know that a single flea can bite your pet 400 times a day, drink more than its body weight in blood and produce hundreds of eggs each day?  Besides causing skin and allergy issues fleas can transmit tapeworms to your pet. When you see fleas on your pet, you are only seeing 5% […]

Ask Dr. Anna: Ticks can transmit diseases to dogs and people

Ticks can transmit diseases to dogs and people.  In fact, the CDC has reported that ticks in every U.S. state carry diseases and that the number of tick-borne diseases is increasing.  I can testify to that as we are seeing more dogs than ever with tick transmitted diseases.  At Guthrie Pet Hospital we have a […]