Murphey to serve on Freedom of Information Oklahoma Board

House District 31 State Representative Jason Murphey has been named to serve on the board of the Freedom of Information Oklahoma organization. Murphey attended his first board meeting last weekend. “It is an honor to serve on the FOI Oklahoma board,” Murphey said. “The organization plays a pivotal role in working to ensure Oklahoma’s open meeting and open […]

New House Committees to re-assert states’ rights and accountability

Last week, Representative T.W. Shannon, the new Speaker of the House of Representatives, announced the House committee structure for the next legislative session. This event has been greatly anticipated by members of the Legislature. Shannon campaigned for the Speaker position on the platform of truly allowing the makeup of the House membership to be represented […]

New State Reps for Logan County and Deer Creek

Last Wednesday, the new members of the House of Representatives took the oath of office. Unlike Congress, the Oklahoma Legislature does not conduct lame duck sessions. Just eight days after the election, new Representatives are already on the job. Because of this, state policy won’t be determined by those who have been defeated at the […]

You have got to check this out

You have heard that sunshine is the best disinfectant to corruption in government. In recent years, the House of Representatives Government Modernization Committee has approved numerous transparency initiatives to shine as much light on government activities as possible. We know that when the taxpayer can see how the government spends money, the odds are much […]

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