You have got to check this out

You have heard that sunshine is the best disinfectant to corruption in government. In recent years, the House of Representatives Government Modernization Committee has approved numerous transparency initiatives to shine as much light on government activities as possible. We know that when the taxpayer can see how the government spends money, the odds are much […]

Shaking down lobbyists

Back in February I wrote an article describing the influence of certain lobbyists over the legislative process. I wrote that lobbyists, ” . . . are professional relationship manipulation experts and expert strategists, and they know the pressure points to push to get a key lawmaker’s vote. Their attempts to kill a good bill appear […]

State questions on November ballot

This is the time of year when voters start researching and asking about the state questions which will be on the November ballot. Unlike two years ago, the number of questions should fit on a single page this time, so hopefully the task of researching these questions won’t be as time consuming.

Disqualifying candidates based on occupation

I believe our nation’s founding fathers designed Congress to be made up of citizens from varied professions and occupations. This concept was applied to the legislatures of the several states, including Oklahoma. Legislators naturally tend to gravitate to the area of policy to which they are familiar and I enjoy watching the contributions made from […]

40 million dollars of savings and counting

Oklahoma taxpayers received some great news as part of a recently released report from Oklahoma State Chief Information Officer Alex Pettit. During the last legislative interim, the Government Modernization Committee was told the state’s information technology consolidation plan allowed taxpayer to realize 30 million dollars of savings each year. CIO Pettit’s latest report has upgraded […]

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