Weather Updates: Areal Flood Warning

Weather updates Logan County, including Guthrie, is under a Areal Flood Warning.  1:40 a.m. – Waterloo Rd east of Hwy 74. 9:30 p.m. – Reports of non-passable roads in Logan County: County Line north of Simpson Rockwell north of Waterloo Seward Rd east of Western… Waterloo 1/2 mile west of 74 Charter Oak east of Santa Fe […]

Car fills up with water after falling in ditch

Car fills up with water after falling in ditch

A husband and wife attempted to do the right thing by turning their vehicle around at an intersection filling up with water, but a wide turn caused their vehicle to go into a ditch in southern Logan County. The couple, along with their three children, were driving north on Western when they saw standing water at the Simmons […]

Two people arrested after hitting school bus in ditch; Guthrie schools call of classes for Tuesday

It was an eventful day for Guthrie Public Schools on Monday as the school district, as well as several citizens and businesses, received more snowfall than what was first predicted for the area. Because of that, one school bus landed in a ditch on the commute home and school officials canceling classes for Tuesday.

All storm sirens hoped to be fixed this week

Updated on Monday, April 28 at 9 a.m. — The final two storm sirens have been fixed and all 14 are believed to be in working condition. The monthly siren test will be conducted on Friday if weather elements allow. A power surge earlier this month knocked out three storm sirens and now officials are anticipating all […]