Early morning storms hit Guthrie, power

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The rain was another welcome site shortly before 1:00 am on Wednesday morning, but the high winds left their mark for Guthrie residents.

The early morning thunder storm brought high winds that according to Logan County Emergency Manager David Ball recorded a wind gust of 48 mph on the mesonet west of town. The mesonet also measured .65 of an inch of rain.

According to OG&E, 1,188 Guthrie customer remain without power at 9:30 am.

However, the further south you go in the county the damage is more severe including the Edmond area. Several buildings sustained roof damage in the Edmond area along blown down fences and trees. OG&E shows nearly 5,000 customers without power in the area as of 9:30 am.

Social media drew higher traffic when the storms came in with many in awe of the lighting.

“With these summer type storms lightning and winds are the main threat to watch out for,” Ball said.

After the warmest month on record in July, Guthrie has received 1.55 inches of rain in the past seven days in August.


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