GHS set for United Week 2012

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United Week is fast approaching for Guthrie High School. From Friday, March 2nd to Friday, March 9th, the entire school will be uniting together to raise money for the Youth Shelter here in Guthrie. Their goal is $5,000.

“We feel that the Youth Shelter is a great representation of our community and we ask that you would join in with us during our fundraising activities. With your cooperation we know that United Week will be a great success,” STUCO sponsor Candy Griffin said.

Below is an itinerary that is subject to slight changes if necessary.


On March 1st at 8:40 a.m. we will kick off United Week with the Annual Battle of the Sexes Assembly. On March 9th at 8:40 a.m. United Week will end with a closing assembly.

Blast Party

This year they will be attempting something new. If they double their goal of $5,000 they will have a blast party on Thursday, March 15th. The party will include blow up bounce toys, karaoke, and various other games.


On March 8th the Annual Dodgeball Tournament will be held. Each team will cost $16 and sign-up sheets are located in the Main Office. Students who wish to attend the tournament as spectators may pay $3 at lunch for a wristband or $1 per class period. Spectators are required to check in with their teachers every hour. STUDENTS WHO DO NOT CHECK IN WILL BE COUNTED TRUANT.

T-shirts and Wristbands

United Week tank tops and wristbands will go on sale on March 2nd during all lunches.

Class Clash

Teachers! This contest is exactly for you! Formally known as the Kilmer and Curtin Contest, this contest has a new name once again, the Class Clash. Encourage your students to donate money by having homework passes, test passes, selling homemade items, pop, ECT. It’s your choice. The class who raises the most money will be rewarded with a special prize AND the traveling trophy.


Mr. GHS is voted on by the students. The male with the most pennies in his container at the end of the week will be crowned Mr. GHS. The penny wars will take place during all three lunches.

3-on-3 Tournament

The 3-on-3 basketball tournament will take place on Tuesday, March 6th at 6:15 p.m. in the Main Gym. The cost is $9 per team. Rules include: Three players per team. No free throws, if fouled, take it up top. Matching uniforms are required. No profanity. If you argue with the refs, you will be disqualified.

The team must also select one player for the three-point contest. The winner of the three-point contest receives a one point advantage in each game they play. 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament forms are located in the North Office. Forms must be completed and turned into the main office by Thursday, March 1st.

Lunch Activities

Throughout the week we will have lunch activities during all lunches.

Before School

On Monday (3/5) we will be selling Monster energy drinks before school for $3 and on Wednesday (3/7) we will be selling donuts for $1 apiece.

Spirit Days

Opening Assembly (Thursday) – Battle of the Sexes (Pink and Blue)
Friday- Child’s Play Day
Monday- OCS Day (preppy, school uniforms)
Tuesday- Pajama Day
Wednesday- Turtleneck Day
Thursday- Nerd Day
Friday- Dress for Success Day 

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