Logan County District 2 Update

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Work is progressing on preparing Midwest for paving from Charter Oak to Simmons. After  clearing trees from the right-of-way, the old chip seal surface was ground up and over 2,000 tons of shale was trucked in from Cashion to establish the road base. New tinhorns were also
installed. After a final grade is put on the road, it will be ready to pave.

We approved the bid of Atlas Paving Company to apply a 22’ x 2 ½” inch layer of asphalt on this mile section. If weather is favorable, they will begin the two to three-day job the week of February 20. We ask that motorists be aware of road signage and flagmen during the process.

The next part of the five-mile Midwest/Forrest Hills (No Name) project will be to grind up the old chip seal on the mile section between Simmons and Waterloo. This work is expected to begin within the next few weeks.

The County Commissioners in each district are working to keep up with road projects and road repairs, in spite of limited funding. We have just received figures indicating that District 2 Highway Funds from the Oklahoma Tax Commission for use in March will be $78,075.94. After
wages, FICA, retirement, travel, equipment leases and insurance are paid, there will be $22,975.94 left for maintenance and operations. Maintenance and operations money is used for fuel, gravel, asphalt, shale, tires, grader blades, equipment repairs, utilities and miscellaneous expenses. We have been using an average of 7,000 gallons of diesel per month at a cost of $3.00 per gallon. This totals approximately $21,000, leaving little of the $22,975.94 monthly allocation for other road maintenance needs.

Last year the average income for maintenance and operations per month for District 2 was $27,612.99. Although the first months of 2012 have not been the best, we are hoping that fuel tax collections will improve. For more information on District 2 finances go to CommissionDistrict2.com

Another note of interest to District 2 residents is that the contractor whom the Oklahoma Department of Transportation hired to replace the Seward Road Bridge over I-35 will begin March 5. The new bridge will be built north of the existing bridge. The construction is
designed so that neither Seward nor I-35 traffic will be disrupted, except for a very short time toward the end of the project when the old bridge is torn down. At that time, I-35 traffic will be diverted to the on and off ramps to avoid the danger zone. The contractor has until October 31, 2012, to have the new bridge open for traffic.

2 Responses to "Logan County District 2 Update"

  1. Barbara Young   February 17, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    Amazing!!!!! Midwest can get their road paved and Indian Meridian Road from Highway 105 into the Town of Meridian, (just 2 freaking miles) can’t get ANYTHING at all DONE! WOW !!!!! : ( Disappointed!!!

  2. Barbara Young   February 28, 2012 at 11:28 am

    Still Mad!!!!! Yesterday, Logan County comes out and puts some Damn “Shell” (FREAKING DIRT) down on Meridian Road, then it rains overnight and this morning!!!! Now, what do our roads look like???? ……. A freaking Pig pen. Mud and Red Slop . Sick of paying taxes and voting for commissioners that are not doing NOTHING to the roads, but making them worse!!!!!!!


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