Logan County District 2 Update: CIRB Funding‏

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Last week county commissioners for Circuit Engineering Division 5, of which Logan County is a part, met in Oklahoma City. Part of the agenda was to review projects for the County Improvements for Roads and Bridges Program (CIRB) 5-year plan for Division 4. The CIRB plan is funded through the Oklahoma State Legislature with current appropriations of $12 million per year for the nine counties in Division 4.

In the past we had been able to include paving Midwest from Waterloo to Forrest Hills (No Name) and Forrest Hills from Midwest to Pine in the 5-year plan. However, since construction funds were not going to be available until 2016, we found other funding which we believe will enable us to pave these areas sooner. Paving Midwest from Charter Oak to Simmons has been completed and we are now in the process of clearing and reshaping ditches and right-of-way on Midwest from
Simmons to Waterloo in preparation for paving.

For many years there has been a need for a transportation corridor in the eastern part of Logan County. This is an expensive project and there are very few funding sources for which this project would qualify. In the new CIRB plan, we have been able to get the money increased to apply to Luther Road to finance the beginning of this corridor.

The CIRB funding schedule for Luther is as follows: For Luther from Waterloo to Camp, 2014–$300,000 for engineering, 2016–$200,000 for purchasing right-of-way and moving utilities, 2017–$4,000,000 for construction; for Luther from Camp to SH 105, 2015–$200,000 for engineering, 2018–$200,000 for purchasing right-of-way and moving utilities.

It is very satisfying to see funding of this magnitude being available to improve roads in the eastern part of District 2.

In the near future I will write more about what is being planned with CIRB funding.


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