ODOT conducts bid letting for bridge on Broadway

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Broadway Rd. in District 1 is one of the most heavily traveled major collector routes in Logan County. Plans to replace a “functionally obsolete” 71-year-old narrow bridge on this roadway have been underway for some time. On March 15, ODOT conducted a bid letting and on April 2 plans to award the $1,115,636.70 project to low bidder, Bridgeco Contractors.

A new 227’ bridge with two 12’ lanes and two 4’ shoulders will be constructed. This will accommodate modern vehicles and enhance public safety for motorists who travel this north-south route. The project, which is just south of Camp Rd., could begin anywhere from mid May to mid July, depending on the contractor’s schedule. Eighty percent of the project will be federally funded through the Surface Transportation Program and twenty percent through the County Bridge and Road Improvement Fund (CBRI).

Plans for replacing another bridge in District 1 moved forward this week as well. We delivered sixty-five pages of right-of-way acquisition paperwork to ODOT in order to complete another in the 36-
step process toward replacing a single-lane wooden bridge on Charter Oak Rd. This bridge is located one-half mile west of Santa Fe Rd. and Oak Cliff Fire Station #2. Plans are to build up roadway approaches and replace the existing structure with a new 103 ft. bridge which will allow emergency vehicles to cross.

Our engineer is now in the process of preparing an updated application to submit to the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments, asking for 80% in federal funding for this project. If the Board of Directors approve our request at their April meeting, which we anticipate they will since we have told funding is available, the project will be included in the FFY 2012 Transportation Improvement Program.

Replacing each of these bridges will allow us to continue the progress we are making toward improving  infrastructure in Logan County.

Mark Sharpton
Logan County District 1

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