Two vehicles roll over on South Division wreck

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A medical condition may have been the cause of two vehicles rolling over on South Division Wednesday morning.

A white male driving a four-door Prius had apparently blacked-out while driving south bound on Division causing his vehicle two clip a gray, four-door Jeep Liberty.

Each vehicle rolled over just north of the intersection of Division and Industrial and in the process took out two light poles. Photo Gallery

Both drivers reported no injuries on the scene, although, one person was taken to Mercy Hospital Logan County for a non-emergency transport.

OG&E was called to the scene for the down light poles after the Prius appeared to have hit a city street light while the Liberty struck a light structure on the property of a local car wash.

Workers inside a local business said they did not see the crash, but said the sound of the crash sounded like a semi-truck hitting a building. One person said it sounded like an earthquake.

Both vehicles were towed from the scene.

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