‘89er “Window Contest” in downtown Guthrie

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Each year the merchants of downtown Guthrie lend their windows to be decorated with scenes depicting the ‘89er theme for that year.

This year the theme is “Heroes of Service” with special focus on the military, law enforcement, and fire fighters.  Seven windows are specially designed and decorated either by the store owner or another organization. 

The competition is for $375 total prize money, but the design and decorating really reflects the passion and dedication of many individuals who want to remember, rekindle and reenergize the “Spirit of the ‘89ers” and the historical significance of Guthrie and its citizens. 

The windows will be displayed until Monday, April 23rd.  The locations of the windows are:

117 West Oklahoma
108 West Oklahoma
103 West Oklahoma
117 West Harrison
221 East Harrison
109 South Division

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