Mom and teenage son sent to hospital in auto accident

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A mom and her teenage son were sent to a local hospital after an auto-pedestrian accident in a parking lot on South Division.

Photo By Chris Evans

The accident happen in the 1300 block at a used car lot shortly before 8:30 Wednesday evening.

According to a witness, the mom was dropping her teenage son off in the parking lot when her high heel got caught in the gas pedal striking her son and knocking him into a parked pickup in the car lot.

The mom then struck a vehicle at the dealership.

Both were transported to Mercy Hospital Logan County with minor injuries and for further evaluations.

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One Response to "Mom and teenage son sent to hospital in auto accident"

  1. Ramona   April 20, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    boy, I bet this son razzes his mom about this for the rest of their lives!!! Poor lady! I bet she felt horrible…. I’m so glad they both were okay, it seems…..


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