Logan County District 2 Update: Updates on Various Projects‏

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In a previous update I wrote about a paving project on Midwest from Simmons to Waterloo. Atlas Paving Company, which was awarded the bid to lay the asphalt, recently informed us that due to problems with their asphalt plant the start date for the project has been rescheduled for June 21 or 22, weather permitting.

We had planned to begin the next phase of the five-mile paving project, which included clearing right-of-way of trees and brush along Forrest Hills (No Name) by no later than the 1st week of June. However, as our workers were servicing the trackhoe before taking it to the job site, they found the hydraulic fluid was low, which led to the discovery of a cracked weld on the hydraulic tank. We are currently working to repair the problem and hope to have it fixed soon.

After the 2010 redistricting, County Road 75, east of Post, became District 2’s. Recently it developed a washout which became problematic. In spite of the fact that it is now the responsibility of District 2 to maintain it, on June 11 Commissioner Monty Piearcy, from
District 3, was kind enough to bring his men and equipment to reshape and rebuild the road, using 23 18-wheeler loads of District 2 shale. We appreciate him volunteering to help with this problem.

As I mentioned in an earlier update, the Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) will be donating rip rap for the banks of two bridges in District 2 in order to prevent soil erosion. That
process began June 13 at the bridge on Peebly, south of Simmons. The other bridge is on CR 75 west of Triple X. We have provided a front end loader and dozer, along with an operator, to push the rip rap into place. NRCS will pay for the rip rap and haul it to the job sites.

We continue to work hard to solve problems in all areas of District 2. We feel fortunate to have dedicated county workers and the resources of other entities to apply to for grants and other assistance. We also appreciate citizens who call or visit our website at CommissionDistrict2.com to report road problems in their area. By working together, we will and are making a difference!

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  1. cindy Morris   June 18, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    Mike has not done much of nothing for our roads!!! he never graveled them while in office!!! Called many times and ask him to!!! I rmemeber callling the guy that was before him in office and he had the gravel on choctaw the next week!!! You have to beg and beg and beg to get micke to do anything!!!!! he pointed at the roads on his brochure last time and said he will fix them!!! HE DIDINT!!! he looses 8 votes from our household!!!!


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