KOCO on the road in Guthrie

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Members of the KOCO team, along with sponsors, traveled to Guthrie on Friday and spent the day as part of the On The Road Helping Hands Tour.

The hula hut teams each gave their best, but in the end it was the seventh grade team with the bragging rights. Photo By Chris Evans

The traveling party was greeted by Mary Coffin and Lucy Swanson with the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce, Courtney Thompson with Logan County Get Fit and Guthrie Mayor Chuck Burtcher.

Photo Gallery of the entire day.

“What a great week for Guthrie! We had a blast with the KOCO anchors and sponsors all day Friday. A special thanks to the Aging Service, Guthrie Jr. High, God’s Food Bank, and Neighborhood Solutions for their great hospitality,” Coffin said.

The first stop on the tour was at Highland Hall and the Logan County Aging Service. Members of the KOCO team, including anchors  Jessica Schambach, Paul Folger, Bob Irzyk and Damon Lane joined team members from Love’s Country Stores, Call Okie, Shape Your Future and Children’s Hospital foundation all joined to serve citizens a healthy mushroom, spaghetti lunch. Afterwards, everyone joined in for a little bit of exercise and social time.

Following lunch, the team went to the Masonic Temple and were given a tour by the Mayor. Several of the traveling party asked several questions and were amazed on how big and what was inside the temple.

Paul Folger and Jessica Schambach prepare for the 5 o’clock news. Photo By Chris Evans

Next it was on to the Guthrie Junior High, where the four news anchors took on a four-member seventh and eighth grade team. Each team had to build a hula hut and then each team member had to go through the hut without knocking it over. After several attempts it was the seventh grade team with bragging rights.

From there it was on to the Guthrie Community Garden on South Division. Again, a tour was given on how the garden came about and how it is serving the community, including God’s Food Bank. Several were seen taking pictures of the watermelons and cantaloupes and tweeting.

It was back on the road to the 300 block of South Second Street, where the traveling party met up with Lowe’s and helped tear down a resident’s front porch and build her a new sturdy porch. Along with a new porch, the resident’s yard was cleaned up from piles of scrap materials, to a fallen tree on top of a shed and removal of several miscellaneous piles.

Finally it was off to Jelsma Stadium, where the 5 and 6 p.m. newscasts were broadcasted. Harrison Street was closed down for the broadcast along with several tents handing out free gifts to go along with the Guthrie Football Booster Club tailgating.


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