City of Guthrie releases statement acknowledging Jon Gumerson

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With the recent passing of former Guthrie Mayor Jon Gumerson this past weekend, the City of Guthrie released a statement acknowledging Gumerson’s commitment to the city.

City of Guthrie statement:

In memory of Jon Gumerson, the City of Guthrie would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication Mr. Gumerson put into this city.

Gumerson was born on March 6, 1976 in Tonkawa, Oklahoma. He was a life-long Guthrie resident. Gumerson served two terms as mayor. The first term was in 1971-1972 and the second term was 2001-2007. Jon also served as vice-mayor in 1970 prior to his election as mayor. Gumerson was selected as Oklahoma’s Mayor of the year in 2004 for towns of 5,000 population and over. Jon was also a 33rd degree Mason and active in the Masonic Lodge.

“Jon placed an emphasis on family first, church second, and OU sports third. He loved people. He was a great gamily man, providing and caring for his family, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. The church and town will miss Jon.” – Barbara Gumerson, Jon’s wife.

Jon Gumerson (1936-2012)

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