Library delivers 779 cans to God’s Food Bank

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After several fines being paid off and generous donations, the Guthrie Public Library donated nearly 800 cans of canned food to a local food bank on Wednesday afternoon.

Candy Ford (Library), Samantha Stewart (Library), Cyndi Selinger (Library), Carol Thorn (God’s Food Bank), Virginia Vaughn (God’s Food Bank) and Darrell Dunlap (God’s Food Bank).

Earlier this year, Library Director Cyndi Selinger started their Food For Fines program and the result doubled the amount of donations to the God’s Food Bank than a year ago.

The 2012 total of canned food came out to a remarkable 779 and doubled up the amount from last year’s drive.

Library customers, who kept their library books a little too long, were able to pay their fines off with a donation of canned food items. Along with delinquent’s, several citizens donated to the cause.

Workers at the food bank made several trips to the packed van to retrieve the canned items.

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The food bank, a non-denominational organization that feeds needy families in Logan County, with the goal of touching people’s hearts, fighting hunger and giving hope, serves 5,000 people a month. The program is needing help to continue their service during this time of year. Help donate by visiting their website.

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