Freshmen take part in UCO leadership conference

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Guthrie High School counselor Kristi Blakemore took a group of freshmen to the University of Central Oklahoma Leadership Academy with two students earning scholarship money.

Front row left: Trista LeGrande, Lexi Hastings, Bailee Giddens
Back row left: Jesse Matthews, Zoey Ireland, Jacob Ventris

On Monday, students Trista LeGrande, Lexi Hastings, Bailee Giddens, back row left: Jesse Matthews, Zoey Ireland and Jacob Ventris made the trip to Edmond.

Hastings and Matthews both brought home a $500 scholarship to UCO while LeGrande earned her a $1000 scholarship to the university.

The UCOLA is a progressive program that strives to further develop already-developing high school students to become competent leaders. The UCOLA accomplishes this by providing four first-rate training experiences that will allow each Academy participant to develop and enhance their own leadership abilities throughout the experience.

Some of the break out classes included: goal setting, leadership and communication, team building and transition and trust.


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