State Capital Publishing Museum closed indefinitely

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A broken boiler has led to the State Capital Publishing Museum’s building to be closed indefinitely until it can be replaced, or until the weather changes. The closing comes at a busy time for downtown Guthrie.

The museum, located at 301 W Harrison, will need to have the boiler replaced at a price of $150,000 to heat and cool the 50,000 square feet building that was built in 1902.

The building, which houses printing equipment and displays life from the territorial and early statehood era, is owned by the Oklahoma Historical Society and operated by the Logan County Historical Society.

The museum has been a popular spot for visitors who visit Guthrie for downtown holiday events, including the upcoming Christmas celebration.

The Historical Society used other methods to heat the building, but simply could not keep up. This past summer the museum closed when temperatures reached a certain high.

Guthrie Chamber President Mary Coffin told The Oklahoman she hopes the museum can be reopened soon.

“There’s so much potential in that building for so many things to happen there for our community. I just don’t want to give up on it and I think everybody else is the same way. We’ve got a little snag. Let’s see what we can do to get past this and get it back open again.”

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